• Our goal is for you to master delivery.  We don’t want to give you a product that will only improve your work life a little. We want you to have a product that allows you to overcome the hurdles that plague your business every day. We want you to conquer these obstacles, to own them, to master them, to show them who’s boss. Whether you’re new to Direct Store Delivery (DSD) or you’ve used it for years, we want you to be confident that this application can help you resolve or prevent late deliveries, shorted products, lost time, needless spending, paper waste, and customer frustrations.

    Gennadiy Vaksman VP, SCM/RE Global Operations
    AFS Technologies, Inc.

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  • Robert Ramirez, Accounting/IT Manager, Bon Appetit Bakery

    Bon Appetit® has developed a great partnership with AFS Technologies and their dedication with supporting our business needs. They have done a great job rolling out our projects to completion, as well as ongoing support. Projects include implementing Order Entry, DSD Mobile Software, and EDI810/EDI850. Their staff is wonderful to work with and always a pleasure to talk to. Thank you, AFS!

  • Bill Livingston, VP, CIO, Galliker Dairy Company

    In 2011, AFS acquired a company already doing business with Galliker Dairy. From the start, it was a very easy and smooth transition. It was clear that AFS had the knowledge base and commitment to continue moving the AFS DSD application forward.

    Galliker Dairy signed an agreement in 2011 for support and management of its existing DSD application. The overall experience was very positive, as both of us worked through some learning curves. The issues we did have were closed quickly, and processes were put in place to resolve or prevent these issues from recurring.

    AFS has recently helped Galliker Dairy implement an Android-based DSD solution that has been a success on many fronts, including driver acceptance, seamless database transition from "old" to "Android" system, virtually no Android system interface issues, along with being on-time and on budget. AFS has provided excellent support start to finish. Not to mention a very well-designed, fast, and easy-to-use Android solution.

    AFS has proven to have a robust and fully functional Android DSD solution along with having proven excellent customer support. The AFS staff knows the details of Galliker Dairy’s DSD application and processes as well as the Galliker Dairy staff. Because of that, Galliker Dairy has been able to quickly take full advantage of the Android DSD solution, along with being able to quickly remediate issues. AFS Technologies has a proven track record with tangible successful results. I would recommend AFS Technologies to anyone in need of better managing their DSD-related functions and/or DSD services.

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