• I recently reviewed your AFS DSD Web site and just had to compliment everyone who took part in creating this outstanding DSD "story". Not only was it entertaining, it is one of the best I have ever seen/reviewed. Consider I've been working with [Southwest Beverage Co.'s] DSD software/hardware since 1979; I do not make this statement lightly! 

    I am very impressed with how the information was presented, all the areas covered, particularly with the way you assessed and grounded the advantages or "facts" of using AFS' DSD system.

    -- Pam Manena, IT Director, Southwest Beverage Co.


    The DSD/ePoD stories helped to personalize the functionality in the new AFS solution. I've read many product data sheets, and while they may be rich in technical specifications, they usually lack the answer to the important question, "What does this mean for me?" The stories were a combination of functional features and what the implications would be on the staff of organizations that implement them.

    The stories illustrated what features and functionality would be important for stakeholders like management, IT, and even the end users so all groups could clearly understand how the solution will make them more efficient at their jobs. I enjoyed reading the stories and feel that I have a much better understanding of this exciting new solution both on a functional and usability level.

    --Ryan Downing, PMP, CSM, Manager, SCM Professional Services

  • The simple examples and flow of the scenarios make it easy for the user to relate the business need to the software solutions offered. The pictures speak and give a fresh feel and engage the audience in the content.

    --Anitha R. Prabhu, CPA, Product Manager


    These stories convey the message of what is available very clearly. I love the stats at the bottom of each one.

    --Arlene Davis, Application Support Analyst, DSD Division


    These stories really bring the reader into the life of a driver, explain the cost and operational benefits, and make the reader want to start using the app.

    --Jordan Bullington, Director of Supply Chain Support


    The stories show AFS’ dual commitment to stay on the forefront of technological capabilities and leverage them to help food & CPG distributors function in the most accurate and efficient way possible. Focusing the story on the end user shows how this product would help him do his job better & smarter, benefitting everyone involved. The stories certainly got my attention and were a great way to convey the functions and capabilities of a truly superior product.

    --Scott A Weiner, CPA, Implementation Manager